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Paul Thomas

Do you find yourself lost in a world ever expanding in technological touch, but lacking the follow through with proper human interaction? I’m here to bridge that gap between problem and solution using materials you never knew you had, along with my own resources for achieving goals in a timely manner.

On paper, I’m a marketer and web developer, but in actuality, I’m a mechanism for achievement. I’m the gear that’s missing in the mechanics of your working machine to develop unique solutions in an ever-changing business environment. An entrepreneur myself, I love taking an idea from a pipe dream to an actual process for real success. There’s nothing wrong with having an idea that reaches for the stars. I’m just here to show you how to get there.

I’m a challenge-motivated problem solver with an eye for detail and a love of finding marketing solutions for my clients. They say when you love your job, you never work a day in your life. This is my reality and why I provide great work for my clients. I don’t view it as work; it’s just what I love doing.

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Andrew Neitlich, Founder & Director
Center for Executive Coaching

Paul is my LinkedIn marketing department because of his knowledge of the different ways to use LinkedIn to grow my business. What sets Paul apart, in addition to his deep knowledge of LinkedIn, is his adaptability and flexibility. My business requires me to test different ideas…

Dr. Sam Shahoveisi, CEO
City Dental Centers

Dr. Sam Shahoveisi

Paul has been doing our SEO for City Dental Centers for the past year and he has made a huge difference. His work is priceless. Our presence in organic searches has improved tremendously since he took over for our SEO campaign. I think he is one of the best in the field nationally.

Teresa Bruni, Life Coach

Paul is a true marketing genius. Despite spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on marketing classes and self-proclaimed specialists that promised results, I was getting nowhere. None of that has returned solid results like Paul’s work. I felt frustrated trying to find…

Cameron Crain, Co-Creator
Idaho Boys Television Production

Paul has been instrumental in the development of my latest project. First, he’s a great planner. He listens to my goals and helps me drill down the core essence of what we want to communicate to our audience. He’s also a savvy collaborator. His knowledge and ability…

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